The fishing is great both on the trip there from the US and around the island, Billfish, Tuna, Dolphin and certainly Wahoo.

Totally undiscovered area in that respect, with deep valleys and high mounts on the ocean bottom, a 14,000 foot deep trench just north of the Island, also plenty fish between it and the mainland of Honduras.

Flats fishing as well all around the island!!

The building to the right and the dock on the far left.

There are 3 lots together owned by one Honduran Corporation that at this point in time has 3 US partners.

We are considering offering the South lot and the Center lot with the the dock, together for 200,000$.

Also we are interested in finding partners in the owning of the Corporation shares that would then facilitate building on one of the building sites, with share in the dock as well as shares in the commonly held part of the rest of the property.

This structure was built as the foundation for a 2 story home. For now it serves as a fully equipped living quarters, with queen size loft bed,  w/a very secure storage area, as well as a separate bathroom with composting toilet.

Dock can moor up to 5 vessels of 40' plus , or 3  85' vessels in combination

!04 foot dock could moor up to 5  40- some foot yachts, or up to 85' yacht combination


For Sale by Owner

​                  The opportunity of a lifetime

Roatan is a cruise destination, with 2 ports, Coxenhole and Mahogany bay.

In season there might be as many as 4 or 5  Carnival, Royal Caribbean or Princess ships a day.

TheSV "Dutch Love", 44' offshore steel & alum cutter, mored at the dock here, now also FOR SALE!

She has made multiple supply delivers from the Florida Keys to the Bight here in Roatan.

For more info go to:


Below a possible scenario for developing the property

The very first waterfront picture shown above shows the property from border to border.

         John Nelson


Right behind this dam is a 14' deep well that needs another 6 feet or so to reach water. When it rains this entire well will fill up with water that can then be pumped in tanks.

Below the property dock with the entrance to  Calabash Bight on the left!!

​9 foot draft can be carried into this incredible harbor.

Roatan, 615 nautical miles

from Key West, by sea!

For information please contact:        Carl       954-258-7044  



For now a 3 room foundation that can support                2 stories of wood structure on top and behind.

​I has thick plastic where the dirt comes up behind the walls to keep out the moisture, and drains all around the perimeter.

This building is built to hurricane spec windloads.

​          Carl Pandel


View from the property looking South at the reefs right outside the cut, on clear days we can see the mountains of Honduras!

Yellow tapering square on the right indicates location of Calabash Shores property.

Multiple small boat landing, hauling and launching area

​​​​​​Calabash Shores   Roatan

      Capt. Harman



Below a chart of the Mesoamerican Reef Eco-region

The Belize barrier reefs an overnight trip from Roatan for most vessels, making the natural harbor of Calabash Bight an ideal base to explore the regions

KIKI Beach on the property next to the dock

Golf course with marina and residential areas on North side of island.

West End is a very picturesque International dive community on the the very west end of the island and has numerous dive shops. small hotels and restaurants, very much in the tradition of Key West.

The Roatan reefs are part of the Mesoamerican reefs Eco-region starting of the

N coast of Mexico's Yucatan, stretching southward including the 2nd larger barrier reefs of Belize and including reefs of Honduras and Roatan.

The island also has 3 or 4 large dive resorts, and is a world renown dive destination.

The Island has direct flights from Miami AA several times per week

From Houston, United, and from Atlanta, Delta also several flights per week, as well

as a host of other connections thru San Pedro Sula or Tegucigalpa on the mainland

of Honduras.

English is spoken thruout the Island, and no need to change your $$ as the dollar is accepted as a local currency.

Inside the Bodega

    view out the Bight entrance

Ohhh yes we just added this Tiki

for aerial video of dcock:

Purple pin indicates position of 


Well & pump house with water and electric distribution to dock and Boathouse

This property is owned by a Honduran Corporation, that is owned by the 3 above named USA partners.

A buyer can simply buy this Corporation.

 Waterfront Real Estate in Roatan Honduras Calabash Bight

​​​​​​​For Sale

Roatan Waterfront Property

Calabash Bight    Roatan

300' on the water.  108' dock w/water, electricity, cable TV & Internet.

Able to accomodate multiple vessels of up tp 85'

This is an exceptional property in a safe & most desirable location.

Hillside view of the mountains of Honduras ( 35 miles away ), the Caribbean Ocean. and

the entrance to Calabash Bight & it's beautiful harbor

2.25 acres on Calabash Bight, the safest "hurricane harbor" on the island. It is the harbor

in which most local vessels, large and small take refuge during radical weather.

This approx. 96,000 sq. ft. property is well tended w/landscaped area at dock landing &

leading up to a  concrete block Bodega type structure, currently serving

as a small living space and tool storage/workshop area.

This property is ready for developement into your "dream getaway & retreat"

asking $ 288,000