There are 3 lots owned by one corporation, all together

229,000 $              each lot is 3/4 acres

However the seller will consider selling

The South and Center 2 lots with the dock together for

129,000 $     

The North lot with the building by itself for

109,000 $ 

Tropical beach right outside the bight with reefs right in front and the Calabash Key community to the West on the otherside of the entrance to the bight, also with great diving right outside.


Below a possible scenario for developing the property

Room for 5 houses and 5 yachts

Dock can moor up to 5 vessels of 40' plus , or 85' vessels in combination

The pilings for the dock where first grade imported from the USA

This property has all the fundamentals in place......a place to live & work, with you creating & building your own dream getaway. And by either developing the other building sites or parceling the other building sites to sell, this is a great opportunity in an affordable local economy.

Yellow tapering square on the right indicates location of Calabash Shores property.

    view out the Bight entrance

The building to the right and the dock on the far left.

The big Oak and Mango trees make great shade

Below vistas taken straight up from the property dock a ways

Purple pin indicates position of 



View from the property looking South at the reefs right outside the cut, on clear days we can see the mountains of Honduras!

​The property gets great Easterly breezes, steady 80F in the winter.

 Waterfront Real Estate in Roatan  Calabash Bight

The fishing, exceptional there and around the island, Billfish, Tuna, Dolphin and certainly Wahoo.

Totally undiscovered area in that respect, with deep valleys and high mounts on the ocean bottom, a 14,000 foot deep trench just north of the Island, also plenty fish between it and the mainland.

Flats fishing as well all around the island!!

!04 foot dock could moor up to 5  40- some foot yachts, or up to 85' yacht combination

looking N the upper bight

​​​​​​Calabash Shores  -  Roatan

Roatan, 615 nautical miles

from Key West, by sea!

For more detailed information on dividing the property please contact the realtor

​​​​​​​​​​​For Sale

Roatan Waterfront Property

Calabash Bight    Roatan

300' on the water.  108' dock w/water, electricity, cable TV & Internet.

Able to accomodate multiple vessels of up tp 85'

This is an exceptional property in a safe & most desirable location.

Hillside view of the mountains of Honduras ( 35 miles away ), the Caribbean Ocean. and

the entrance to Calabash Bight & it's beautiful harbor

2.25 acres on Calabash Bight, the safest "hurricane harbor" on the island. 

This approx. 96,000 sq. ft. property is well tended w/landscaped area at dock landing &

leading up to a  concrete block Bodega type structure, currently serving

as a small living space and tool storage/workshop area.

This property is ready for developement into your "dream getaway & retreat"

                                Motivated seller