For more sophisticated services, such as airport, doctors, attorneys & business, is a 20 minute ride to French Harbor or 30 minutes to Coxen Hole. If you don't have a vehicle, there are cabs at BJ's. Much of the time we coordinate a ride with one of our neighbors.

The neighbors in Calabash Bight are all very friendly & helpful. There are several American homeowners, at least 2 Canadian homeowners & everyone kind of looks out for each other. One couple runs a tourist/cruise-line-driven business w/ their 2-50' catamarans, from the bight.

There is amazing fishing, snorkeling, diving & spear-fishing right outside the entrance to the bight. Fishing licenses are not required for shore-line, flat or deep sea fishing. It is common to go snorkeling on the reef & have local Caribbean lobster for dinner.

John Nelson



Carl Pandel


​Harman Harkema



Below a chart of the Mesoamerican Reef Eco-region
​The Belize barrier reefs an overnight trip from Roatan for most vessels, making the natural harbor of Calabash Bight an ideal base to explore the regions

​​​​​​Calabash Shores  -  Roatan

Below the property dock with the entrance to  Calabash Bight on the left!!
​9 foot draft can be carried into this incredible harbor.

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